Monday - February 26, 2024
Monday - February 26, 2024
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Versatile actor Thiruveer joins Praveen Sattaru’s Telugu action spy thriller Mission Tashafi on ZEE5

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Thiruveer, a prominent actor in Telugu Cinema, has earned a versatile image by portraying various roles with finesse. His talent extends beyond movies as he makes a mark in the world of OTT streaming platforms as well. The prestigious web series ‘Mission Tashafi’ is currently in production on ZEE5, and Thiruveer has been roped in to play a pivotal role, an announcement officially made by the platform.


Directed by the acclaimed Praveen Sattaru, known for his engaging and thrilling films with high-octane action, ‘Mission Tashafi’ is an intense and emotional action spy thriller. The story revolves around a foreign terrorist organization planning a massive attack on India, with Indian RAW agents caught in the midst of the dangerous plot.


The regular shoot of the 8-episode web series is progressing at a brisk pace, and the makers are delighted to have Thiruveer on board. Confident in his unique acting abilities, they expect him to deliver beyond expectations. Thiruveer, in turn, is thrilled to collaborate with a talented director like Praveen Sattaru.


Produced by Pranathi Reddy under Film Republic Banner, ‘Mission Tashafi’ is set to be the most high-budget and technically rich action thriller in the history of Telugu OTT. It is the first-ever spy thriller series in Telugu OTT, featuring high-octane action performances filmed in exotic locations by renowned action choreographers. The anticipation for this web series is at an all-time high, promising a riveting and unforgettable viewing experience for the audience.

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