Thursday - September 28, 2023
Thursday - September 28, 2023
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Time-Travel Hilarity Unleashed: Mark Antony Weaves a Comedic Tale of Past Altered and Fathers Revived

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“Mark Antony” is a sci-fi comedy centered around a time-traveling telephone invented by a scientist. Mark, the son of the late don Antony, and Madan, Antony’s partner’s son, use the device to alter the past, aiming to revive their fathers. SJ Suryah impresses with comedic timing in dual roles. Young Vishal is decent, but Antony’s voice feels forced. Ritu Varma has limited space, while Sunil performs well. The story, though complex, is presented in a comedic style, providing some entertainment. The film excels in technical aspects, sounding and looking rich. However, its lengthy runtime and a somewhat convoluted plot with loopholes are drawbacks. Despite its flaws, “Mark Antony” offers a mix of sci-fi and comedy, anchored by SJ Suryah’s standout performance.

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