Tuesday - November 28, 2023
Tuesday - November 28, 2023
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Telugu Cinema Icon B. Vittalacharya’s Legacy Explored in New Book Jai Vittalacharya Unveiled by Trivikram Srinivas

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Veteran Telugu filmmaker B. Vittalacharya’s cinematic legacy is celebrated in a new book, ‘Jai Vittalacharya,’ by journalist Pulagam Chinnarayana. The book, encapsulating Vittalacharya’s journey, was unveiled at a recent event graced by star director Trivikram Srinivas. Praising Vittalacharya’s contributions to Telugu cinema, Trivikram urged for more books chronicling the industry’s history. Chinnarayana highlighted the behind-the-scenes features of 39 movies by Vittalacharya, offering insights and anecdotes, aiming to foster a book-reading culture. Movie Volume Media’s Zeelan Basha Shaikh expressed pride in publishing this tribute.

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