Sunday - April 21, 2024
Sunday - April 21, 2024
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Swathimuthyam’s unique concept is its USP: Ganesh

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Ganesh is all set for the release of his maiden venture, Swathimuthyam. The actor who trained in the USA believes that content is the only crowd puller. In Swathimuthyam, he is paired with Varsha Bollamma. The family entertainer is directed by Lakshman K Krishna and has a cast of Naresh, Rao Ramesh, Subbaraju, Vennela Kishore, Harshavardhan, Pammi Sai, Sapthagiri, Goparaju Ramana, Siva, among others. Here are the excerpts from Ganesh Bellamkonda’s interaction with media.
Tell us your journey to movie industry?
I wanted to be an actor since childhood. I took it seriously in 2016 and pursued an acting course in Mumbai in 2017. Later on, I went to the US to learn the nuances of acting and started listening to movie stories from 2019. Swathimuthyam happened in 2022.
How Swathimuthyam happened?
I got to know director Lakshman Krisha through common friends, and he narrated the story of Swathimuthyam. We laughed a lot during the narration, and I took this project to Sithara Entertainments. Vamsi garu also liked this story and it got started.
Why did you choose a class film?
I believe that story drives a film rather than other elements. I don’t believe in fights and action. Movie has to be a good one and there are no other specifications to it.
With whom can you relate with this character?
The behaviour of Balamuralikrishna from Swathimuthyam is different from what I am. There is a stark contrast. There are no inspirations to the character.
How Swathimuthyam is unique?
Post covid the audience preferences have changed. They want some unique concept in all the films. So, when Lakshman told me about the USP of the film, that instantly hit me. You have to watch the film to experience it.
How was your experience during the shoot?
Movie sets are not new to me. I liked the environment of shoots and movies are my first love. So grabbed the acting opportunity. Only thing that was new to me was facing a camera. The shoot has been a pleasant experience for me.
Is this movie related to Vicky Donor?
Both are not related. Maybe the sperm donation can be common, but everything is new. It’s just there for 10 mins and rest is a different story. So, please don’t draw any parallels.
How is the entertainment quotient in Swathimuthyam?
There is no forced comedy and it’s all situational comedy. It’s high on entertainment and it appeals to all classes.
How was the experience working with senior actors?
Happy to work with so many seniors. It helped me learn a lot working with seniors.
Why weren’t you launched in a big budget and with big director?
I only believe in story but not budgets and directors. So, Swathimuthyam happened. I wanted to be close to all the family audience. And I don’t want to get typecast in any role. I want to be in different shades of character. My next movie is a thriller titled “Nenu Student”. It will release in a few months.
Your take on releasing the movie along with Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna?
I am happy to see my movie poster next to biggies. Dusserhra is a big festival and there is a scope for many films.
Are the situations conducive for newcomers?
Content is the king. Everyone is watching a lot across languages and genres. New actors or directors have a good chance to make it big in the movie world.
How was the middle-class life that you saw in the film?
We were not rich from lineage. My father worked as an Asst cameraman, production manager, and we moved up. I experienced the middleclass life and love those moments. My mother also brought me in such a way that we value everything in life.
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