Sunday - April 21, 2024
Sunday - April 21, 2024
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Sinam is releasing as Aakrosham in Telugu

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Aakrosham’ is the title of the Telugu version of ‘Sinam’ (Tamil), starring Arun Vijay as a cop. Presented by R Vijay Kumar and starring Arun Vijay, Pallak Lalwani, Kaali Venkat, RNR Manohar, KSG Venkatesh, and Marumalarchi Bharathi, the film is directed by GNR Kumaravelan. Made as a revenge drama, the film is a crime-action thriller and an emotional family drama, too. CH Satish Kumar and Smt. Jaganmohini have collaborated to bring the film to the Telugu audience. After completing all formalities, it is now gearing up to be released in theatres.

Speaking about ‘Aakrosham’, producer Satish Kumar said, “The Telugu audience always love emotional dramas. Our banner delivered a hit with Arun Vijay recently in the form of ‘Enugu’. I am amazed by the gripping trailer of ‘Sinam’, whose Telugu version is ‘Aakrosham’. I decided that I should release the movie in Telugu. Everyone is going to say that there are all the nine Rasas in the movie. We are very satisfied with the output.”

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