Friday - March 1, 2024
Friday - March 1, 2024
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Project K aka Kalki 2898AD unveils promising first glimpse at San Diego Comic-Con 2023

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San Diego Comic-Con 2023 witnessed a momentous occasion for sci-fi enthusiasts and film buffs alike as the highly anticipated “Kalki 2898AD” unveiled its first glimpse. The upcoming movie, directed by Nag Ashwin, promises a gripping and visually stunning dystopian thriller laced with time travel, mythological, and sci-fi elements, leaving fans eager for its release in 2024 in multiple languages.


As the lights dimmed and the screen flickered to life, the audience was transported to a distant future in the year 2898. A world on the brink of collapse, overrun by power struggles, and clinging to the remnants of a once-glorious civilization. The glimpse immediately captivated viewers, showing the protagonist, portrayed by the charismatic Prabhas, navigating a desolate wasteland with technological marvels scattered among ancient ruins.


While the trailer hinted at the time travel aspect of the film, it also seemed to blend mythological elements seamlessly into the narrative. This unique approach sets “Kalki 2898AD” apart from traditional sci-fi flicks, creating a distinctive affair that fans are excited to explore.

However, some hardcore sci-fi enthusiasts couldn’t help but notice a resemblance to other iconic franchises. Comparisons were drawn to the grand scale and epic world-building reminiscent of “Dune” and the interstellar battles akin to “Star Wars.” Yet, it was evident that “Kalki 2898AD” carves its path, introducing innovative storytelling and a fresh perspective on the genre.


The cast is undoubtedly a highlight of the project, with esteemed actors Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone also gracing the screen. Their involvement guarantees a captivating and immersive cinematic experience. Fans are eager to witness the chemistry between the actors and how their characters contribute to the unfolding of the gripping storyline.


Director Nag Ashwin’s vision shines through the glimpse, showcasing his ability to bring complex narratives to life. Having previously directed critically acclaimed films, “Kalki 2898AD” marks a significant step into uncharted territory for the director. With the first glimpse earning accolades for its visual grandeur and intriguing storyline, expectations are soaring for the final product.


“Kalki 2898AD” has piqued the curiosity of fans across the globe, with social media buzzing about the unique blend of genres and the potential for a groundbreaking cinematic experience. As the release date draws near, discussions around the film’s thematic depth, special effects, and performances are likely to dominate entertainment circles.


Overall, “Kalki 2898AD” promises to be a remarkable film that blends dystopian, time-travel, mythological, and sci-fi elements into a distinct and visually splendid affair. With a stellar cast and an accomplished director at the helm, anticipation is at an all-time high. Fans and moviegoers can hardly wait to witness the grandeur of “Kalki 2898AD” when it graces the big screens in 2024, offering a new and unparalleled cinematic experience.

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