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Sunday - March 3, 2024
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Nithiin’s EXTRA: An intriguing new film set to release worldwide on December 23rd

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The silver screen is set to welcome an extraordinary cinematic experience as the much-awaited movie “Nithiin 32,” titled EXTRA, gets fans buzzing with excitement. Talented actor and beloved hero Nithiin is once again ready to captivate audiences with his exceptional performance in this forthcoming film directed by the acclaimed writer-turned-director Vakkantham Vamsi.


With the shooting progress soaring to nearly 60%, “Nithiin 32” promises to be an absolute entertainer, and fans are already counting down the days to its release. The film stars the incredibly talented Sree Leela as the female lead, adding to the anticipation for this captivating on-screen pair.


In a thrilling reveal, the makers of “Nithiin 32” presented the film’s first look and title, leaving fans awestruck. Sreshth Movies, the production company behind the project, showcased the first glimpse of Nithiin in a captivating avatar. The poster portrays the actor sporting a thick mane of hair and a beard, emanating a serious aura, while another shot on the poster showcases him in a calm and composed demeanor, clean-shaven.


The poster’s background appears to be adorned with script papers from a crucial scene, with a clapboard prominently displayed in the foreground. This intriguing setting has left fans speculating about the storyline and Nithiin’s enigmatic character, further fueled by the film’s title EXTRA and the tagline “Ordinary Man.”


Director Vakkantham Vamsi has expressed great confidence in the film, stating, “This is a character-driven script, after Kick, I think this will be in that zone. It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride for the audience and surprises them.” His words have ignited the hype around the film, raising expectations for an exhilarating cinematic journey.


Adding to the film’s appeal is the musical genius Harris Jayaraj, who will grace “Nithiin 32” with his enchanting scores and tunes, promising an unforgettable auditory experience.


The esteemed production houses, Sudhakar Reddy and Nikitha Reddy’s Sreshth Movies, in collaboration with Aditya Movies and Entertainments & Ruchira Entertainments, are backing this grand venture, assuring movie enthusiasts of a top-notch cinematic experience.


The global theatrical release of EXTRA is slated for December 23rd, 2023. As fans eagerly await more details about the film, one thing is certain – Nithiin’s exceptional portrayal of a never-before-seen character will be the highlight of this extraordinary cinematic extravaganza.


Keep an eye out for further updates on “Nithiin 32” aka Extra as the release date draws near, and prepare to embark on a thrilling cinematic journey this December.

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