Friday - March 1, 2024
Friday - March 1, 2024
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Netflix India releases teaser for riveting docu-series The Hunt For Veerappan

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On Thursday, Netflix India unveiled a captivating teaser for its upcoming docu-series, “The Hunt For Veerappan,” shedding light on the riveting 17-year manhunt for the notorious smuggler and brigand, Veerappan.


Veerappan, an infamous criminal who haunted the forests of South India, met his demise in 2004 during the audacious “Operation Cocoon” executed by a Special Task Force of Tamil Nadu Police. The docu-series promises to delve into the untold and lesser-known aspects of this mustachioed bandit, featuring firsthand accounts from individuals who were closely associated with Veerappan and those who relentlessly pursued him.


Among the key figures featured in the series are Muthulakshmi, Veerappan’s widow, and B. B. Ashok Kumar, also known as Tiger Ashok Kumar, who played a crucial role as part of the Special Task Force of Karnataka Police in the relentless pursuit of Veerappan.

Directed by Selvamani Selvaraj, acclaimed for his work in “Nila” (2016), the Tamil-English series is produced by Apoorva Bakshi and Monisha Thyagarajan, founders of Awedacious Originals, in collaboration with Kimberley Hassett. Notably, Bakshi was one of the producers of the highly praised series “Delhi Crime.”


Commenting on the docu-series, director Selvamani Selvaraj stated, “For years, we had heard tales about Veerappan’s notoriety, yet no one truly knows what made him the dreaded criminal that he became and still be known as the Robin Hood for a section of society. In this docu-series, through meticulous research, we have been able to dig deep into his complexities, unearthing untold stories and unexplored facets of his life. Our partnership with Netflix has allowed us to unravel the enigmatic personality and contribute to a broader dialogue that transcends Veerappan’s individual story.”


“The Hunt For Veerappan” is all set to stream on Netflix from August 4, promising an enthralling exploration of one of India’s most notorious criminals. With its focus on untold narratives and unprecedented access to key individuals, the docu-series is poised to captivate audiences and spark discussions on Veerappan’s legacy and the societal impact of such figures.


As the anticipation builds, viewers eagerly await the release of “The Hunt For Veerappan,” expecting a gripping portrayal of the criminal mastermind that will shed light on the enigmatic persona behind the legend. Netflix subscribers across the globe will soon have the opportunity to witness this enthralling journey through the life and times of Veerappan, an unforgettable tale of crime, pursuit, and redemption.

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