Wednesday - April 17, 2024
Wednesday - April 17, 2024
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My film characters are replete with innocence and old-world charm: Lakshman K Krishna

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Director Lakshman K Krishna won the hearts with the teaser of his maiden directorial venture, Swathimuthyam. The family drama with Ganesh and Varsha Bollamma in the leads, is all set to entertain all for this festive season. Produced by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi, the film is slated for a Dussehra release on October 5. Here are the excerpts from Lakshman K Krishna’s interaction with media.

What’s the inspiration for Swathimuthyam?

Normally, when you hit a slump in your career or life, many people including your closed ones throw satires at you. There is mockery all over. Sometimes, you can’t bear it. That generates a lot of drama and emotions. So, something I observed in my life became a seed for Swathimuthyam.

What’s the basic plot of Swathimuthyam?

It’s the story of a guy named Balamuralikrishna. He hails from a small town and gets a government job soon after his studies. Now, the whole family is hell bent of getting him married soon. What happens next and what challenges they face form the story.

Why the classic title Swathimuthyam for this film?

We thought about many titles and kept one as a working title. Radhakrishna (Chinna Babu) garu suggested Swathimuthyam considering the innocence of hero’s character. I was scared at the beginning as it might mislead the audience. Then he said, we will release the trailer soon, so the audience are in right mood to watch the film.

Is Varsha Bollamma the first choice for the film’s female lead role?

She was my first choice. When I watched 96, I thought to make a film with an actor like her. She was in my mind when I penned the female character of Swathimuthyam. When we were discussing about different actors then we happened to watch Middle Class Melodies and everyone decided to rope her in for the female lead.

Your take on releasing Swathimuthyam along with big films on Dussehra?

It’s our producer’s decision to go with the date. They want to give a family entertainer on the festival day. Being an ardent fan of Chiranjeevi, I am happy that my film is releasing in the same day as his.

What’s your next project?

Nothing planned as of now, but I may work on a Comedy Thriller.

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