Monday - February 26, 2024
Monday - February 26, 2024
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Missed potential: Slum Dog Husband struggles to fetch hearts despite quirky premise and technical strengths

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“Slum Dog Husband” attempts to tell a quirky tale about a love pair facing an unusual obstacle. The plot revolves around the protagonist’s unconventional decision to marry a dog to ward off doshas in his life, leading to a legal battle with the dog’s owner before he can marry his girlfriend.


Unfortunately, the performances of the lead actors fall short of leaving a positive impression, indicating a missed opportunity for stronger casting choices that could have elevated the film.


On the positive side, the comedy provided by Yadamma Raju, a retro song, and the background music offer some relief amidst the film’s shortcomings. However, beyond these aspects, the film struggles to deliver an engaging experience.


In terms of technical aspects, the film’s score and cinematography are satisfactory and contribute to maintaining the overall quality of the production.


In summary, “Slum Dog Husband” offers an intriguing premise, but the lackluster performances of the leads and a weak execution hold it back from reaching its full potential. The movie’s few bright spots, such as the comedy and music, are overshadowed by its overall shortcomings, making it a somewhat disappointing watch.

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