Friday - March 1, 2024
Friday - March 1, 2024
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KRG Studios and TVF Motion Pictures join forces to revolutionize South Indian Cinema with diverse feature films

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KRG Studios commemorated their 6th anniversary with a groundbreaking announcement, unveiling their alliance with TVF Motion Pictures in the domain of feature films, with a particular focus on South Indian regional languages. This strategic partnership aims to jointly explore, cultivate, package, and execute films that exemplify the distinctive storytelling elements and values of both esteemed studios.


For KRG Studios, their commitment spans the entire gamut of filmmaking, starting from the inception of creative narratives, through the meticulous execution process, to the final presentation for audiences worldwide. Their overarching objective is to foster new and diverse voices in the industry, nurturing profound and meaningful connections. Karthik Gowda, the founder of KRG Studios, expressed his heartfelt sentiments, revealing that six years ago, the studio’s inception was driven by the earnest desire to make a meaningful contribution to Kannada and other regional language cinema. They relentlessly prioritized story development, top-notch execution, and widespread distribution. Encouraging diverse stories and storytellers has been the cornerstone of their journey, and the partnership with TVF aligns perfectly with this vision.


TVF, led by the visionary Arunabh Kumar, holds a firm belief in the ethos of “Lights, Camera, Experiment,” weaving compelling tales from various corners of India. The studio takes immense pride in joining hands with KRG Studios, renowned for their cinematic gems like Ratnan Prapancha and Gurudev Hoysala. This collaboration promises to create cinematic marvels in Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, and beyond, as they draw inspiration from each other’s craft and teams to bring forth a wider range of diverse narratives.


The union of these two powerhouses marks a momentous occasion, with Vijay Koshy, President of TVF, acknowledging the shared creative DNA that binds them together. TVF’s hallmark of delivering pioneering stories with authentic narratives that resonate with audiences globally complements KRG Studios’ pan-India success in transcending regional boundaries. Together, they envision crafting fresh, original tales tailor-made to cater to the diverse tastes of their audiences, making the future of South Indian regional language cinema even more promising.

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