Sunday - March 3, 2024
Sunday - March 3, 2024
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Actor Jamie Foxx breaks silence and expresses gratitude for support during recovery

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In a heartwarming three-minute video posted on his Instagram account last Friday, actor Jamie Foxx has spoken out for the first time after his hospitalization for a “medical complication” in April. Foxx began the video by expressing deep gratitude to all the people who prayed for him and sent him messages during his challenging journey to recovery.


The news of Foxx’s hospitalization came to light in April when his daughter, Corinne, shared the update, assuring fans that he was already on the road to recovery while filming the Netflix movie “Back in Action” in Atlanta. However, specific details about the nature of the health issue were not disclosed at the time.


Since his hospitalization, Foxx has maintained a low profile and missed several public events, including the premiere of “They Cloned Tyrone” in June. Nevertheless, earlier this month, he made a public appearance, spotted on a yacht, marking one of his first known outings in months.


Throughout the video, Foxx did not elaborate on the specifics of the medical incident but conveyed that he had experienced a challenging ordeal. He admitted that he chose not to provide updates during his recovery to preserve the image of the lively and vibrant persona his fans know and love.


During the emotional video, Foxx expressed heartfelt appreciation for the support he received from his sister and daughter, emphasizing that they played a crucial role in his healing process. He credited them for saving his life, along with the contributions of the dedicated medical professionals who assisted in his recovery.


Foxx also addressed rumors circulating on social media, denying claims that he was “blind” or “paralyzed.” Demonstrating his well-being, he assured viewers that his eyes were functioning correctly and that he was not paralyzed. Despite facing challenges on the road to recovery, Foxx asserted his determination to bounce back and resume his work.


The touching video concluded with Foxx conveying his profound gratitude to his fans for their unwavering prayers, love, and support throughout his trying journey. He expressed his love for everyone and acknowledged that tears may occasionally flow as he recovers from a tough period of illness. However, he reassured his followers that he was regaining strength and would be back in the public eye.


As Jamie Foxx gradually returns to public life, his fans and the entertainment industry eagerly await his comeback, eagerly anticipating his outstanding performances once more.

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