Thursday - September 28, 2023
Thursday - September 28, 2023
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High anticipation for Annapurna Photo Studio as cast and crew express confidence

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In a display of heartfelt dedication and excitement, the team behind the much-anticipated film “Annapurna Photo Studio” gathered to share their thoughts on the project before its highly awaited premiere. Director Chendu Muddu, producer Yash Rangineni, writer Krishna Chaitanya, and actor Vishwak Sen, all expressed their belief in the film’s potential success after years of hard work and collaboration.


Director Chendu Muddu spoke passionately about the effort and love poured into the making of “Annapurna Photo Studio.” With two years of relentless dedication behind them, the team was eager to present a movie that would captivate audiences of all ages. Chendu emphasized that the film’s impact would stay with viewers for months after leaving the theater, urging everyone to witness the magic firsthand on the big screen.


Producer Yash Rangineni exuded confidence in the film’s potential to make a significant impact. Having already premiered “Annapurna Photo Studio” across various regions and shared it with the media, Yash firmly believed in the movie’s charm. Despite its modest budget, he drew parallels to their past success with “Pelli Choopulu,” a small film that garnered critical acclaim and two National Awards, propelling actor Vijay to stardom. Yash expressed his unwavering faith that “Annapurna Photo Studio” would achieve similar heights.


Writer Krishna Chaitanya, visibly pleased with Director Chendu’s filmmaking style, commended Producer Yash for his excellent taste in movies. He extended his best wishes to the entire team, conveying his confidence that the film would leave a lasting impression on audiences.


Actor Vishwak Sen, known for his charismatic on-screen presence, encouraged everyone to refrain from labeling any film as “small.” Instead, he urged people to view such films as platforms for showcasing emerging talent in the industry. Expressing his commitment to promoting the film, Vishwak promised to be actively involved if his presence could contribute to its success. He showered praise on co-star Chaitanya for his remarkable performances in other recent movies and applauded director Chendu’s exceptional skills.


With the premiere approaching, excitement rippled through the film’s creators and fans alike. The collective efforts of the cast and crew, who worked together like a close-knit family throughout the film’s production, further fueled the anticipation.


Amidst the positive sentiments shared by the director, producer, writer, actors, “Annapurna Photo Studio” seemed destined to leave an indelible mark in the hearts of viewers. As the curtains rose on the big screen, the creators and fans were eager to experience the magic of the film, hoping it would fulfill the promises of a captivating and memorable cinematic journey.

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