Thursday - September 28, 2023
Thursday - September 28, 2023
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Ganesh Chaturthi Bliss: Ram Charan Welcomes Daughter Klin Kaara to Konidela House in Heartwarming Celebration

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Global star Ram Charan and wife Upasana celebrated a heartwarming Ganesh Chaturthi, marking a significant moment as their daughter, Klin Kaara, entered the Konidela House after a 3-month stay with maternal grandparents. The family, including grandparents Surekha and Chiranjeevi Konidela, exuded joy in the photos, capturing the festive spirit. Ram Charan donned the ritualistic Ayyappa Mala attire, symbolizing the occasion’s importance as a father. Their touching celebration emphasizes the value of traditions and precious family moments.

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