Friday - March 1, 2024
Friday - March 1, 2024
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Brahmaji excited to embrace a new avatar in Slum Dog Husband: An intriguing blend of love and law

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The much-anticipated film “Slum Dog Husband” is creating a buzz among cinema enthusiasts as it gears up for its release on July 29. What initially began as a modest project has now attracted attention from a major production house, Reliance Entertainment. The movie, produced under the banner of Mic Movies, is helmed by the talented director Dr. AR Sridhar, a protégé of the renowned filmmaker Puri Jagannath. Sanjay Rao and Pranavi Manukonda play the lead roles in this promising cinematic venture.


In a recent media interaction, actor Brahmaji expressed his excitement about the film and shared his enthusiasm for portraying a unique character. He revealed, “Usually, I don’t get offered new and distinct roles since I have played various characters. However, in ‘Slum Dog Husband,’ I portray a lawyer based in the Old City, with a character who speaks a blend of Urdu and Telugu. I will be seen as a specialist divorce lawyer, which is a refreshing challenge for me.”


The idea for the movie came about during the shooting of “Mr. Pregnant,” where producer Appi Reddy shared the story and concept with Brahmaji. Impressed by the new director’s innovative idea, Brahmaji eagerly agreed to be a part of the project. “The concept seemed fresh and intriguing. When asked about the lead hero, the producer mentioned that they were yet to decide, and it was Sanjay who eventually loved the script, leading us to embark on this journey,” he explained.


Sanjay Rao, a dog lover himself, found a strong emotional connection with the film’s concept. The storyline, being novel and unique, captivated him from the very beginning. Even actor Allu Arjun, while shooting for “Pushpa Part 2,” came across the movie’s trailer and praised it, adding further excitement to the anticipation.


In addition to Brahmaji and Sanjay Rao, the film boasts Saptagiri in a prominent role, promising some entertaining and competitive scenes. Furthermore, Fish Venkat’s appearance as a judge is expected to be a highlight of the film.


Interestingly, there was a suggestion to change the movie’s title to “Kukka Mogudu” when it was first pitched to Ram Gopal Varma (RGV). However, the producers decided to stick to the title “Slum Dog Husband” for a better fit.


Amidst the excitement surrounding “Slum Dog Husband,” Brahmaji also shared insights into his upcoming projects, including being part of movies such as Mahesh Babu’s “Guntur Kaaram,” Prabhas’s “Salaar,” Balakrishna’s “Bhagavanth Kesari,” “Ooru Peru Bhairavakona,” and Naga Shaurya’s next film, showcasing his versatility as an actor.


As the film’s release date approaches, the anticipation among fans continues to grow, and with the support of renowned personalities like Pradeep, Ali, and Nagarjuna, the team is optimistic about “Slum Dog Husband” becoming a memorable and successful cinematic endeavor.

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