Monday - February 26, 2024
Monday - February 26, 2024
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#UnstoppableLiger and #ISupportLiger in full force against Boycott Liger calls

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After Bollywood, the boycott trend is catching up in Tollywood. There is a widespread opinion that this trend isn’t a healthy one. Now, a negative spell is being casted on Vijay Deverakonda’s Liger as there is a boycott narrative surrounding the same. But in response, there are multiple trends supporting Liger. The trends Unstoppable Liger and I Support Liger are trending big time in Bollywood.

People are questioning if these negative trends are against Karan Johan being associated with the project or is it sheer envy that a self-risen star like Vijay Deverakonda is making a lot of noise in the national circuit. There is also a talk that it is not right to spread this negative narrative while thousands of families are dependant on the film industry. A section is unable to bear the kind of mass recenption Liger is getting all across the country and hence the negative trend.

Promoting Liger in Vijayawada, Devarakonda responded on the issue. He said, “Three years back, in 2019, we started this cinema. Back then, these boycott Bollywood etc. weren’t there. All these started in lockdown and we were already into the shooting schedule by that time. At that time, we felt like there was no option better than Karan sir to take our movie India wide. He took the Baahubali to the India and shown us a way in North India which is an unknown territory for us. Script and production is ours and when we requested him to release the movie in Hindi, he warmly took it and now we got humongous reach in North. I don’t know exactly what is their issue and what they want! We are correct on our side. I born in Hyderabad. Charmme born in Punjab. Puri sir born in Narsipatnam. Shouldn’t we work? We have worked hard for three years to make this cinema. Shouldn’t we release our movies? Should we sit in homes? You all have been seeing the love that the audiences have been showering on us. I am doing movies for those audiences. I need those audience. There is no need of any fear until we have these people for us. When we are correct and when we do our dharma, there is no need to listen to anybody and let there be anything coming, we must fight. I have no fear and I know that in complete honesty, we have done it with our hearts. We all are from this country and we know how much we do for our people and country. We are not from that batch who sits in front of computers and tweets. We are the one who steps in first if something happens.”

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