Wednesday - April 17, 2024
Wednesday - April 17, 2024
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Actor Vishwak Sen unveils teaser for Pekamedalu, the second production venture by Rakesh Varre’s Crazy Ants Productions

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Actor Vishwak Sen took to social media to reveal the much-anticipated teaser of the upcoming film Pekamedalu, the second production venture by actor-turned-producer Rakesh Varre under his banner, Crazy Ants Productions. The film, headlined by Vinoth Kishan, marks the directorial debut of Neelagiri Mamilla.


In the teaser, viewers are introduced to the protagonist, Lakshman (played by Vinoth), who impresses a young lady by claiming to be an entrepreneur. However, it soon becomes evident that this is merely a dream sequence. In reality, Lakshman hails from a lower middle-class background and struggles to pay his room rent. Despite his aspirations for success, he is despised by the people in his colony due to their perception of him as a reckless individual who engages in questionable activities like smoking and drinking with his friends. Despite his dreams of achieving greatness, Lakshman lacks the necessary drive and effort to make it a reality. This carefree attitude ultimately lands him in a troublesome situation, the details of which are expected to be revealed in the forthcoming trailer.


Vinoth Kishan’s portrayal of the lower middle-class youth is commendable, effectively conveying the character’s frustration and helplessness. The teaser promises an entertaining and humorous journey, showcasing the consequences of Lakshman’s actions.


Pekamedalu boasts a talented crew, with Smaran Sai composing the film’s music and a collaborative screenplay effort by Hamza Ali, Sreenivas Ittam, and Neelagiri Mamilla. The film’s lyrical and dialogue finesse is credited to Bhargava Karthik.


Anticipation is high for the film, which is scheduled for release later this year. As fans eagerly await the trailer’s release, Pekamedalu looks poised to capture the essence of the struggles faced by lower middle-class youth while delivering a dose of laughter and entertainment.

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