Sunday - April 21, 2024
Sunday - April 21, 2024
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A journey of passion and promise: Slum Dog Husband weaves magic with Sanjay Rao and Reliance Entertainment

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In a thrilling turn of events, the much-anticipated movie “Slum Dog Husband” is all set to hit the silver screen, backed by the prestigious Reliance Entertainment. Lead actors Sanjay Rao and Pranavi Manukonda, along with the talented crew, are excited to present their labor of love to the world.


Sanjay Rao, who plays a significant role in the film, shared his journey and enthusiasm during a media interaction. “This story came to me through my father. The director laughed a lot while telling me the story. I liked the concept and I immediately said ok,” Rao expressed, highlighting how the captivating storyline instantly won him over. After his previous projects like “O Pitta Katha” and a successful web series, Rao took a gap to introspect and prove himself as an actor. He expressed gratitude for the positive reception his works received, especially “O Pitta Katha,” which achieved the fastest 100 million views on Amazon Prime.


Being an avid dog lover, Sanjay Rao cherished every moment during the shoot. “At first, the movie seemed challenging. After that, I was under a lot of stress. With this, the word challenging has been dropped since then,” he joked, indicating that the experience turned out to be rewarding and memorable.


Addressing the portrayal of relationships in the movie, Rao emphasized, “In regular movies, the heroine means glamour. But Pranavi’s role in this movie will be full length. She has a very important character. Many people think that there will be double meaning dialogues in this movie. There is no such thing.” He explained that the movie would offer a relatable take on modern relationships, allowing the younger generation to connect with its authenticity.


An intriguing aspect of “Slum Dog Husband” is the pivotal role played by the character Baby, the adorable canine who influences the entire plot. Rao shared delightful anecdotes from the sets and expressed admiration for his father, who is an established actor in the industry.


Regarding his aspirations, Rao said, “I came into the industry because of my father. But I want to work hard like Bunny (Allu Arjun). I know Bunny’s journey. Everyone outside thinks that he is a son of a big producer and he can get anything he wants easily. But inside is different.” Rao further elaborated that he admires Allu Arjun’s dedication and the efforts he puts into his craft.


“Slum Dog Husband” is eagerly awaited, and audiences are looking forward to its release on July 29. With Reliance Entertainment’s backing and an engaging storyline, the movie is poised to captivate viewers and carve a niche for itself in the hearts of cinephiles across the nation.

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